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Blog Blog .. =D sounds like uhm sinking 🙂 ,

actually this is my inner voice during last 3 years , I have tried to make and start writing in blogs more than once in blogspot and others but every-time i feel like “uhm not that good writer” or “writing is not for people like me”. But today I decided it !! 😀 yes I DID !

I’ll write , I’ll post , but not normal ‘thoughts’ posts like everytime =D .. mainly uhm going to focus on technical posts isA 🙂 .. plus ‘some’ life experience.

See you in next post 😉

About alaasdk

ASP.NET Developer, javascript geek and JQuery lover. IT Head at @acesegypt. Studying #Business and #Accounting in #Commerce school! #Cycling is my #1 transportation way. Living in a room in which you can't see walls from #Whiteboards.

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  1. This blog, “Blog Blog Blog |” ended up being superb.

    I’m impressing out a clone to demonstrate to my personal good friends.
    I appreciate it-Brittany

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