How to upgrade (install) Blackberry OS without having active subscription

Here is step by step guide that will help you upgrade (install) your blackberry operating system without having active subscription (BIS)
note: I upgraded from v.4.6 to v5.0 on my 8900, and I was running windows 7.

Please follow exactly these steps to get it working …


1. the device software (OS): you can download it from Blackberry software website.
 (Note: If you need  input languages support other that English, you need to get a multilingual package. here is a version 5 one.)
2. In case you need to backup your device before installation.. download Blackberry desktop software.


1. (optional) Backup all you contacts / MSGs/ etc… using blackberry desktop software.

2. UNINSTALL all programs related to RIM including Desktop manager,
and make sure nothing left related to it in your program files folder and in common files (\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion).
then restart your windows. 

3. after windows starts up, Install the device software you downloaded in the first step in requirements part.

4. Remove VENDOR.XML from ApplLoader Folder located in (\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader).

5. PlugIn your blackberry to the computer using USB Cable and Remove the Batter and the SIM Card from the blackberry.
Now Focus in the coming 2 steps, cuz you have to fast ( and don’t plug out the USB cable !! ):

6. Open AppLoader folder and keep it opened.

7.  Insert the battery back to the blackberry [the LED Light will turn RED

      –NOW-Run the Loader.exe from the AppLoader folder before the RED light goes away.

8. In the application, you will see that your device found But with Unknown PINPress Next and start the sofware scanning.

9. Follow the installation process and choose all modules you need =)

after installation … Wait and mmmmmmm Wait, Because it will take alot of time to bootup your blackberry for the first time.

1o (optional) Install the desktop software and restore important personal data you backed up in the first step.
Don’t restore all settings cuz some settings might be not compatible with the new version just do with important stuff only.

Finally .. you are done :=D

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  1. Thanks man. This is the only solution that actually worked on my bold 9000. Good job.
    I was wondering if you managed to setup 6 or 7 on these models.

  2. thanks bro! it works on BB Curve 8520

  3. Thanks a lot ..It’s working .. i have just done it on 8520 though it was tough as timing to exec loader.exe matters..

  4. pls tried this with my bold 990.. but the loader.exe sees and identifies my pin.. my device usually boots halfway and then shuts down.. and then when it does the loader gives me a fatal error response.. pls what do i do

  5. thanks it worked.. thnks a lot

  6. I can’t figure out how to download device software (OS) at the first place…can you give me a direct link or something. thanks.

  7. bro beed help with this..i dont get any software to update after clicking next

  8. thanks a lot it’s working with 8900

  9. Thank you so much. Worked on BB 9700.

  10. hats off to u man. u r genious… simply great.. wwwooowww man… thank u sooo much.

  11. maaan, i was getting crazy with this app error. i searched all over google and did another type of installation and it didn’t work. but u save me! very simple. thank u soooo much. Worked on BB 8520.

  12. It work for my 9790 but how to enable wifi calling feature?

  13. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually realize what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Please additionally discuss with my site =). We can have a link change agreement between us

  14. everything goes ok with my 8900 curve but as you mentioned above in step 8 it cant recognize my device or cant show me as unknown pin 😦 plz help meee 😦

  15. How Do I download the software for my bb 8520

  16. wonderful post
    Thanks a lot…..

  17. thank you a lot bro, it worked nicely on my bb9700

  18. thnks a lot bro.. I was pissed of using 4.0… ur really a genious

  19. yes man thanks a lot i have updated my bold 9700 successfully. God bless u

  20. thanks a lot it’s working with 8520

  21. Thank you very much. this help for me too.

  22. thanks alot sir its working on bb 8520 curve thankx alot ❤

  23. thanks man this was really a good help, was abpout to go and pay alot of money to get it done, respect again, and keep doing the good to help another, thats the way to go, slikk from jamaica

  24. Legend. Only guide I found that worked. Good job

  25. adiba javed butt

    i want to update my BB 9700 v5 to v6… plz help me…. how i can do it?

  26. Thank you very much. The only way to make it work. Brilliant. 8900, working again.

  27. It Works…:) thank you..

  28. Does it work on a 9930??

  29. This worked for me on a BB 9360 apollo to update from 7.0 to 7.1 :)!

  30. Yeah works great thanx a lot…

  31. thnks frnd it really works thanks a lott…

  32. thank you a lot !!!! its finally works with my bold 9790, oufff

  33. I have problems with some applications startn for example whatsapp…. Should I reinstall my OS(version 5) and how do I do this (installing)

  34. I cant figure out how to download device software (os) at the first place 😦

  35. ur suggetion is great out of this world,,, luv u luv u luv u,, u have shorted out my problem,, after wasting all day knowing about, how to update my bb firmware. finally i got the solution here.. u r amazing

  36. Please install on my bb8520 all supported. Download folder

  37. Well i have tried for my BB Torch 9810 first time it detected the unknown pin, but i coudnt press the next button, now no matter how many times i try to do it over, it detects the pin.
    Can anyone please help me out and tell me what could have gone wrong and how can I undo it ?

  38. remove the Batter should say Battery

  39. worked for me too, thanks!

  40. Guy is it only computer it work on can’t i upgrade it with my phone pls!

  41. Hello. My USB cable is shity but Thanks GOD you are really genius one, the Only way that Works my BB is Curve 8520 I don’t know how to thank you, whatever thank you very much indeed.

  42. Thanks A LOT bro 🙂
    I have another issue with Wi-Fi Connection it doesn’t seem to be working, App world too
    Note : I don’t have service plan and I want to use the device like the other smartphones, no plans no shit, just internet connection and that’s it
    could you help me.

  43. Excelent
    Working with 8900

  44. it’s showed that your os has been updated, but i checked it didn’t. Please can any one provide me the link for os 5 for my bb8900.

  45. it’s shows that your os has been updated, but it didn’t. Please can anyone provide me the link of os5 for my bb8900.

  46. Tnks bro, hw to download D software is d problem

  47. Hurrah! I managed to update my blackberry software without this stupid and difficult trick!

  48. Worked like a charm for my ATT Blackberry 9700 OS 5 to OS 6 update.
    Thanks a lot!

  49. You have restored my faith in God! Thanks alot.

  50. wow after a long time of searching useless sites found the right one thanks buddy i updated succesfully

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