[solution] how to enable HTTPS to your facebook applications for FREE

Tomorrow, 1 Oct. 2011 ..
All Facebook canvas applications must have SSL certified URL in the app. settings or else these apps won’t work with users.

I was trying to find a “cheap” solution for my applications cuz buying an https <SSL certification>will cost me alot !!

Go daddy and some other internet assets sellers have discounts for SSL these days!
you can Google it.

OR .. use this 100% Free solution from social server:

Open up social-server’s facebook hosted portal at https://www.facebook.com/SocialServer?sk=app_129405620492063

1st: Create a free account (down).

2. Login to account you just created (up).

you will find an interface like this one

3. add non-certificed (normal HTTP) tab URL to the textbox at the top then click the checkmark.

4. you will find that “my adapted facebook page tab(s)” small dialog appears at the bottom.

5. get the secure URL and add it your application settings.

6. Set App ID , width , height for the facebook canvas application.

7. Congratulations .. Your app. will now transfer to users via “secure” connection 🙂

100% Free solution =:D

Please post any Qs./problems to the comments below.


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  1. Great solution for Secure Page Tab URL!

    What about Secure Canvas URL? It is also required now?

    Do you have any solution for Secure Canvas URL, please?

  2. I’ve found it works for both as long as you state your namespace. I did Facebook account creation for several job agencies and been using namespace’s now that Facebook requires SSL and HTTPS.

  3. Hi

    I cannot get this (Social Server) to work on the Secure Canvas URL – any suggestions?

    Jan A Iversen

  4. hey thnx exactly what i was looking for 🙂

  5. Thanks Dude…
    Worked pretty well 🙂

  6. Social Server is not free anymore, they ask 40 pounds…and their https address does not work for Secure Canvas URL anymore just like Jan Are Iversen mention here above…We found another solution after searching for hours on the web.
    go to this site https://www.shopactivate.com/FacebookSSLConnection.aspx
    their Https Facebook address works with any Facebook Tab and Application Iframe Canvas.

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