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How to bypass workplace Group Policy and save your Onenote Notebooks to skydrive

New year, New laptop from my company.. new day wasted in moving stuff n making apps like onenote n dropbox working!

I opened onenote’10 to connect 2 my skydrive account n found that they have disabled the service from the group policy! and the below message appeared.
“This service is disabled by policy. Contact your system administrator to enable it.”

So, here is a step by step to create a new Registry key to re-enable the service…

1. Open Registry editor (Run > RegEdit)
-you must have admin. privileges on your machine-

2. Browse to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\”.

3. right click this ‘key’ (folder icon), and click new>key.

4. rename this key (folder icon) to “WebIntegration”.

5. Right click this new key and click “new > String Value”

6. rename “New Value #1” to “WebIntegrationEnabled”

7. Double click it and set the value data to “1”

Close oneNote *totally* from your ‘notification area’ and reopen it n BOM you are done!