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how to disable DST in Microsoft windows

first: windows seven:

Click on the Date/Time area at the bottom right to open date/time settings
Click on Change date and time settings
Change date and time settings
Click Change Time Zone
Change Time Zone
Choose Cairo from the Time zone drop down menu and ensure that ‘Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time‘ is unchecked
Press OK to apply the new changes

second: windows XP:

Double click on the Date/Time area at the bottom right to open date/time settings
Click on the Time Zone tab
Time Zone tab
Ensure that the time zone is ‘GMT+02:00 Cairo’
Change Time Zone
Disable the check box ‘Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes
Press OK to apply the new changes
thanks 🙂
P.S: I took these images from Microsoft Egypt email 🙂

Egypt and disabling DST (daylight saving time)

After #25Jan .. and as any other revolution all over history, the country smells change in mostly everything.

the new prime minister of Egypt ..Dr. essam sharaf really doing a great job managing and handling our country problems, he have made facebook page and twitter account for feedback purposes. and thats the right way of managing the issues of a country -involving the county people-.

one of these issues is DST daylight saying time. they made a “poll” in the official prime minster website and people started voting about “cancel DST or not” ..  the poll ended with more that 80% wants to cancel the DST and thats due to the background that Egyptians collected during last years and the untruthfulness of the previous regime  .. some people think that egypt is the only country that uses DST (we call it summer time in egypt) , some other people think that only few developing countries uses it.. and so on. we didn’t gave ourself the time to just open google and search for DST and know the real reasons behind it and what is the countries uses it. ! …

From now on, egypt is no longer uses the DST .. which is (for me) something untrue 😦

I just wanted to share this little thought with you 🙂

P.S: I’ll write a new post about how to change the DST time saving inside Microsoft window.