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How to upgrade (install) Blackberry OS without having active subscription

Here is step by step guide that will help you upgrade (install) your blackberry operating system without having active subscription (BIS)
note: I upgraded from v.4.6 to v5.0 on my 8900, and I was running windows 7.

Please follow exactly these steps to get it working …


1. the device software (OS): you can download it from Blackberry software website.
 (Note: If you need  input languages support other that English, you need to get a multilingual package. here is a version 5 one.)
2. In case you need to backup your device before installation.. download Blackberry desktop software.


1. (optional) Backup all you contacts / MSGs/ etc… using blackberry desktop software.

2. UNINSTALL all programs related to RIM including Desktop manager,
and make sure nothing left related to it in your program files folder and in common files (\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion).
then restart your windows. 

3. after windows starts up, Install the device software you downloaded in the first step in requirements part.

4. Remove VENDOR.XML from ApplLoader Folder located in (\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader).

5. PlugIn your blackberry to the computer using USB Cable and Remove the Batter and the SIM Card from the blackberry.
Now Focus in the coming 2 steps, cuz you have to fast ( and don’t plug out the USB cable !! ):

6. Open AppLoader folder and keep it opened.

7.  Insert the battery back to the blackberry [the LED Light will turn RED

      –NOW-Run the Loader.exe from the AppLoader folder before the RED light goes away.

8. In the application, you will see that your device found But with Unknown PINPress Next and start the sofware scanning.

9. Follow the installation process and choose all modules you need =)

after installation … Wait and mmmmmmm Wait, Because it will take alot of time to bootup your blackberry for the first time.

1o (optional) Install the desktop software and restore important personal data you backed up in the first step.
Don’t restore all settings cuz some settings might be not compatible with the new version just do with important stuff only.

Finally .. you are done :=D