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How to install windows 8 on VHD file and boot from it

Today I have installed windows 8 beside windows 7 on my laptop in a VHD file..
Here is a STEP by STEP Guide to what I have done.


There are several ways to install multi OSs,
the easiest way is to simply install the 2nd OS from inside the 1st one on another partition BUT there is a chance for any of them to mess with the other one’s files ..
another way is to install the 2nd one inside virtual machine using virtual PC/VM ware or any other VM Software BUT this won’t give us full hardware performance on the guest machine …
In order to get full hardware access and performance … and don’t let any OS mess with the other.. We will install the OS on VHD file and boot from it.


  1. Download “Windows 8″ iso file
    Download it from this link OR here is a link for Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64)
  2.  Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool from this link (this is a tool by MS to make bootable Flashdisk or DVD out of ISO files, Released for users who purchase windows online from windows store)
  3. Get a 8.5 Double layer DVD or 16 GB Flash disk


  1. Creating Bootable Flashdisk / DVD
    • start installing Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool
    • in the installation process you will pass throught four steps
      • First: Selecting ISO File (select the ISO file u just downloaded in the prerequisists)
      • Second: Choose DVD or USB Device , the media you want to put the installation files on.
      • Third: Select the Flash memory partition OR the DVD Drive.
      • Fourth: Wait for Formatting / installation on your media (~10 minutes)
  2. Making a VHD – Virtual Hard Disk – File
    • Open up CMD -commmand prompet- with Admin Preveligde
    • Run MS diskPart tool by writing “diskpart” and hit enter
    • create a VHD File on the windows by the following command
      DISKPART> create vdisk file=d:\Windows8Dev.vhd type=expandable maximum=50000
      Note:  your can change “d:\Windows8Dev.vhd” to your preferred directory and 50000 to a diffrenet size (but not less than 30000 -30GB-)
    • select the VHD you just created
      DISKPART> select vdisk file=d:\Windows8Dev.vhd
    •  Now attach that VHD to windows
      DISKPART> attach vdisk
    • Create a primary partition on it
      DISKPART> create partition primary 
  3. Booting from Flash memory / DVD and Proceed to the installtion process of windows 8
    • Restart your computer and change your boot order to the flashdisk/dvd
    • once you computer starts installing windows 8, Press SHIFT + F10, you will get a CMD window
    • Write the 2 commands commands of selecting and attaching the vhd
      DISKPART> select vdisk file=d:\Windows8Dev.vhd
      DISKPART>attach vdisk
    • Once you reach the Partition selection window “Where do you want to install windows ?”
      You will find another Disk with 1 partition in the partitions list (with the size you have made in the first step)
    • Choose that partition, and proceed the normal installation process of windows.
  4. Finally..
    • After installation process, you will find a boot menu consists of 2 items “Windows Developer Preview” and “Windows 7”
    • inside windows 8 there is an extra partition C, this is the emulated partition of VHD
    • inside windows 7: your normal partitions without any extras, the file at d:\Windows8Dev.vhd will be about ~10 GB at first installation.

Remap your acer TravelMate 8472 notebook keyboard

If you have ACER’s I5 TravelMate 8472

with the annoying $ & € keys beside up arrow key,

and it always happen to click it accidentally when clicking left arrow or right arrow.

I have made a registry file that will remap your $ to be right arrow and € to left arrow.
Download link:

After downloading..
Run the file, then restart your computer 🙂

Enjoy ^_^

RIP my laptop-keyboard’s letter-A (Remapping KB)

Extremely sad news .. at age 3 and half, the letter A of my laptop-keyboard is dead =(


–Me, my laptop, the keyboard and every single gadget in my room are extremely sad =(
We are gonna miss u letter A =D


How could possibly I live without letter A !! , that’s not possible for sure 🙂 SO, lets have a little solution:

Remapping Keyboard letters:

Having useless keyboard buttons -Never used before by u-.. and sometimes u don’t know even what is the role of it ! (ex. scroll , located beside delete).
for me CAPS LOCK is not just a useless button but also annoying sometime cuz i accidentally click on it while chatting or even worse while typing a password =S.
I used to disable CAPS LOCK to avoid this problem, but now I’ll swap it to work instead of letter A. .. and that will need some registry tweaks.

so let’s open the Registry Editor by typing regedit in the run dialog.
then scroll down to:
= HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout =
You have to have a Scancode Map entry for a key remapping..
so create a REG_BINARY entry called Scancode Map with the following value:
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 1e 00 3a 00 00 00 00 00

[                       1                          ][           2           ][     3   ][   4     ][         5            ]

1 & 5. 
represents Null space value.
the length of data you want to change.
the letter you want to change to (remap to it) Letter A .
the letter you want to change from (remap from it) CAPS LOCK .

so in order to just disable CAPS LOCK, all you need to do is just putting [00 00] instead of [3a 00] in part 3.


Now save your newly added key, and restart your computer and enjoy disabled useless caps lock button.


All .EXE files open windows media center – windows7 virus

Two days ago, one of my friends called me for help in windows 7 problem .. when ever he opens a “.EXE” executable file he got ‘windows media center’ opened !

When i started to tell him what to do, I realized that its not possible to open rstrui or msconfig or even the task manager cuz all are executable LOL ..

I thought it could be a registry problem, and guess what regedit is also an executable file =D .. so I opened my registryEditor and started digging … and here is what i found :

the .exe file Extension in locates in

but we still can’t change anything in his computer because we can’t run the registry editor =D .. so I created this .reg file that hopefully saved him ..
Hope this helps if anyone else have the same problem 🙂